UN Security Council unrepresentative: Russia

Monitoring Desk

MOSCOW: The UN Security Council badly needs reforms to better reflect the multipolar global realities, said Russia’s foreign minister on Thursday, echoing an argument made by President  Erdogan.

“In the framework of the emerging multipolar world, new centers of economic growth, financial power and political influence have appeared,” Lavrov told a news conference in Sochi after meeting with Ayman al Saf-adi, Jordan’s foreign minister.

“Today, from 15 members of the Security Council — five permanent and 10 non-permanent members — one-third belong to the Western group of countries, which has three permanent and two non-permanent seats. This inadequately reflects the existing realities.”

Asian, African, and Latin American countries are underrepresented on the council, he added, naming India and Brazil as strong candidates for an expanded, more representative body. (AA)