UN should pressure Taliban to attend peace summit: MPs

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KABUL (Tolo News): Afghan lawmakers called for the United Nations to pressure the Taliban to attend the Turkey conference and to end the ongoing violence in the country. The committee of human rights and women of the Parliament in a statement asked the Taliban to respect human rights, especially women’s rights, and to allow the education of girls in areas under their control if they want to earn the people’s trust.

The Turkey conference is expected to be held on April 24. “We ask influential countries in the region and the United Nations to encourage the Taliban to attend the Turkey conference,” Parliament speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani said.

“They should come and sit and talk with Afghans face-to-face,” said Ziaduddin Akazai, an MP from Badghis. The human rights and women committee of the Parliament said the Taliban is a reality in this society and that the group cannot take power through force.

“They should practice human rights and women’s rights in their programs and open girls’ schools in areas under their influence,” said Nahid Farid, an MP and member of the human rights committee of the parliament. Some lawmakers meanwhile said the US’s mission in Afghanistan over the last two decades “has not been successful.”
“The US and its allies should know that they started the Afghan conflict and they should end it,” said Nasir Farahi, an MP from Farah. “I see the US and NATO forces presence as the continuation of war,” said Mamoor Ahmadzai, an MP from Baghlan. There are concerns that the country’s infrastructure and military installations left by foreign forces will be damaged after the foreign forces leave the country.

“Equipment left behind is either destroyed or sold at lower prices and then sent to neighboring countries,” said Khan Agha Rezaee, an MP and member of the internal security committee of the Parliament.

“If the Americans are leaving, it is a good opportunity to change Bagram airbase to a civilian airport,” said Mir Haidar Afzali, head of the defense committee of the Parliament. US President Joe Biden announced it would withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11.

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