UNAMA reports 100 killed and injured in explosion in Afghan mosque

GENEVA (RIA Novosti): More than 100 people were killed or injured in an explosion at a Shiite mosque in Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported.

Earlier it was noted that all the dead and injured are parishioners of the mosque. According to Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban movement, special forces have arrived at the scene of the explosion and an investigation is underway. A spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry, Said Khosti, confirmed the explosion to RIA Novosti, but stressed that the number of victims is unknown.

Al-Jazeera TV channel, citing a source in the security agencies, reported that the number of victims of the explosion in a mosque in Kunduz province increased to 60, 107 people were injured.

“The UN family in Afghanistan is deeply concerned about reports of a very large number of casualties as a result of today’s attack on a Shiite mosque … in Kunduz. According to preliminary information, more than 100 people were killed or injured in a suicide bombing in a mosque,” the Mission said in a statement. UN on Twitter .

As noted, the explosion in the mosque is the third attack on a religious institution this week.

Prior to this, an explosion occurred near the Idgah mosque in Kabul. A source in the Taliban movement * told RIA Novosti that 12 people were killed in the explosion, 32 were injured. According to a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of the interim government of Afghanistan , three people were detained in connection with the incident. The IS * terrorist group claimed responsibility for the explosion.

On Wednesday, it became known about an explosion at a religious school in the province of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. According to a RIA Novosti source in the security agencies, the explosion killed seven people and injured more than 15.