‘Uncertainty’ keeps UN from taking action on US’ anti-Iran sanctions’: Guterres says

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UNITED NATIONS: UN Security Council published a latter on behalf of Secretary-general Antonio Guetres stated that he cannot take any action on the US declaring the reinstatement of all UN sanctions against Iran due to what he described as uncertainty related to the issue.

“There would appear to be uncertainty whether or not the process, was indeed initiated and concomitantly whether or not the terminations, continue in effect. It is not for the Secretary-General to proceed as if no such uncertainty exists”, Guterres pointed out.

The remarks come as Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh hit out at the US over anti-Iranian sanctions announcement. The Iranian authorities urged U.S. to reconcile with the international community and drop its unilateral actions.

Iranian authorities urged that U.S. should observe its legal commitments.

Khatibzadeh said that, “return to the international community, act in accordance with your obligations and stop the rebellion”.

He also described the actions as making the US appear as “the biggest threat to peace and international security”, also insisting that claims about the restoration of the sanctions are false, as no such developments have taken place at the UN Security Council.

Russian Foreign Ministry also backed Iran while hitting U.S. saying that U.S. is misleading the international community by “speculating that the UN Security Council conducted some sort of procedures to restore the effect of UNSC resolutions on Iran sanctions, which were cancelled after the signing of JCPOA in 2015.

The facts are that the UN Security Council did not take any action that would lead to the restoration of old sanctions against Iran” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

All that Washington does is nothing more than a “theatrical performance” staged in order to “subordinate the Security Council” to its policy of ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran, the Russian Foreign Minister slammed U.S. He said that U.S. should stop speaking on behalf of the UN Security Council.

This was preceded by US Secr-etary of State Pompeo announcing on Saturday that all UN sanctions ag-ainst Iran were “back in effect” under the “snapback” mechanism of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which was featured in the JCPOA.

Pompeo vowed that UN member states would face “consequences” if they refused to implement the sanctions.

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