UNESCO dedicates 2023 International Day of Education to Afghan girls, women

KABUL (ToloNews): The director-general of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, has decided to dedicate the 2023 International Day of Education (January 24) to Afghan girls and women.
On the occasion of an event organized at the UN headquarters, UNESCO will renew its call to immediately restore their fundamental right to education, UNESCO said in a statement.
Raihana, a nursing college student, said UNSECO and other international organizations need to take practical steps to overcome the problem for women and girls in Afghanistan.
“Only one day is not enough. UNESCO needs to try to talk with Islamic Emirate and lift all the restrictions,” she said.
“Depriving women and girls of education means depriving them of their basic rights and it is not in favor of the country’s development,” said Sayed Jawad Sajadi, a university lecturer.
Officials said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to ensuring the rights of all citizens of the country and values the cooperation of the United Nations with the people and the Islamic Emirate.
“Some issues are temporary and efforts are underway to solve them. The cooperation of the UN is important for Afghan people and for the situation in Afghanistan,” Islamic Emirate spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.
UNESCO said that currently, 80% (2.5 million) of school-aged Afghan girls and young women are out of school, because of the decision of the officials of the caretaker government to deny them access to secondary schools and universities.