Unidentified bodies buried in Kandahar after time in morgue

KANDAHAR CITY (TOLOnews): Officials of the Kandahar municipality said that in the past year they buried 50 bodies whose identities were unknown after they had been kept in a morgue to allow for the possibility of identification.
According to Kandahar municipality, in the past week 17 dead bodies were buried.
“For the second time in the past year we buried unidentified children, 17 dead bodies that were unknown,” said Zamri Sargand, public relations officer of Kandahar municipality.
“These were the dead whose families were unknown, and they have no name and no national ID,” said Mohammad Abdullah, deputy of forensic medicine.
It has been 12 years since Wali Mohammad worked in the morgue. Sometimes families came and asked him to find their lost family members.
“To find their family members, we open these refrigerators for them, if they don’t find them, we send them to another address,” said Wali Mohammad, who operates the morgue at Merwis hospital.
The previous war caused many people to lose family members that are unaccounted for.