United States will sell new warships to Greece

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Alexander Sharkovsky
According to information released by the US Department of Defense, the US State Department has decided to approve the sale to the Greek government of four MMSCs and related equipment, with an estimated total cost of $ 6.9 billion. The American specialized naval portal Navyrecognition writes about this.
Moscow’s reaction to this purchase cannot be positive, since Greece is a NATO member, and any strengthening of the alliance in regions geographically close to our borders is an undeniable problem. Moreover, Greece is distinguished by its extreme ingratitude. Despite the fact that it owes much of its independence to Russia, this country, in fact, is pursuing a hostile policy towards us. From recent events, it suffices to recall that the Greek Patriarchate supported the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, contrary to common sense and all canons. Moreover, it is from the territory of Greece that most of the American reconnaissance aircraft take off, which then circle near the Russian borders. At the same time, Athens has the audacity to demand from Russia significant discounts on natural gas, as a proper aid from the fraternal, Orthodox people. And there is, when they need it, they dress up as our brothers, but in most cases Greece is a terrible enemy of Russia, more dangerous than open opponents, since it cramps into friends. For me, it’s better to build good relations with Turkey than to get involved with treacherous Greece.
Now, about a possible deal. The Greek government asked America to sell four Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ships, as well as combat equipment and weapons for them, including the supply and support of software and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, engineering, technical and logistic support services. , test support, survey and other operation-related material and service items. The estimated total cost of all of the above set of hardware and services is $ 6.9 billion. Integration of the new ships into the Greek Navy will take a lot of work, and it will also cost Athens a pretty penny, since a significant number of US military contractors will be involved.
The Greek Navy has begun an urgent procurement process for four new multipurpose frigates, while it is modernizing four other MEKO frigates in service. The new ships will be equipped with four MH-60R (Romeo) naval helicopters. These multipurpose frigates were part of a broader package being discussed with the United States, which also included upgrades to four Hydra frigates, intermediate tier ships, and Hellenic Shipyards’ involvement in the development of a new American FFG (X) class frigate.
Of course, Athens explained this by the need to strengthen NATO’s southern strategic direction. By the way, this direction works mainly against Russia. It is obvious that Greece is acquiring new ships as an additional defensive argument in conflicts with Turkey. But, if a command from Washington follows, Athens, without hesitation, will throw them into battle against the Russian Navy.
The Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) is a highly maneuverable, high-performance surface combatant capable of operating on the coast and in the open ocean. It was designed from the ground up to withstand today’s threats to maritime and economic security. The Multi-Mission Surface Combatant has a range of 5,000 nautical miles and can reach speeds of over 30 knots. The MMSC uses the COMBATSS-21 combat control system, based on the Aegis Combat System software library. The MMSC Integrated Combat System uses internal integration with the ship’s deck artillery (artillery and missile systems LCS 57-mm, Mk110 and SeaRAM) and expands the possibilities of their multipurpose use through the integration of Over-The-Horizon, 20-mm surface-to-surface missiles distance guns on the left and right side, as well as a new fire control radar and a forward 8-section vertical launch system MK 41 equipped with RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles. The MMSC also has an AN / SLQ-25 torpedo protection system.

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