University Town residents demand drainage issue to be resolved

Zia ur Rehman

PESHAWAR: The residents of University Town Thursday demanded the Municipal Administration and authorities concerned to take notice and action resolve their sanitation issue.

The dwellers of University Town area  have said that the sanitation situation the of area has been in very a bad shape since last three months or so.

They added that the drains are uncovered and foul smells have caused various diseases in the area.  They stated that there is no proper drainage cleaning system and garbage can be seen almost everywhere adding that the street lights are in pathetic condition.

The residents said that the University Town administration has failed to clean the mud of canal even two months have passed after  cleaning.

They maintained that footpath leading towards main Khyber teaching hospital is also covered with dirty mud of canal and surprisingly the handcart vendors had almost occupied the whole footpath.

The residents furthered that despite the deadly Corona virus outbreak in the whole world their local university town municipal administration has not been taking any appropriate measures to tackle this virus.

They stated that administration has also not been taking any action against the vendors standing in front of emergency gate of KTH who have been selling health hazardous food.

The residents demanded the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to give them relief or they would be forced to appear on roads and protest a demonstration.