Unknown arm men attacks on shrine in Charsadda

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: The shrine of a popular saint of Charsadda, Kohistan Baba, has attacked by unknown arm men in the midnight 3 o’clock here in Rajjar.

The shrine, located in Rajjar area of Tehsil Charsadda, is visited hundreds of devotees each day and there are a good number of followers of the saint across the country.

Police report stated that some people entered the shrine in the night of Saturday and opened fire the shrine door, they says no casualties were reported in the incident but the accuse escaped from the scene after the incident.

Syed Jelani Shah, grandson of the Syed Ghulam Jelani alias Kohistan Baba, addressed to a press conference and expressed satisfaction of police investigation and questioned despite that  the pedigree of his family connected to Muhammad (PBUH) the accused is not caught, if such incident happen to them so what will happen to ordinary people?

Shah explained that the attackers was badly damaged a big portion of the building as well gate and tower of the shrine and demanded that the involved accused should be immediately arrested.

Johar Shed, SHO police station city said to the Frontier post that the victim’s family has not filed the case but police registered FIR against the involved criminals.

He said after the incident police launched a search operation in the area but no one has been arrested yet and the investigation is underway.

People in political and spiritual circles have strongly condemned the incident and termed it an attempt to create hatred among different segments of the society.They called for action against people involved in the crime.

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