UN’s GA adopts resolution condemning Holocaust denial

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NEW YORK (RIA Novosti): The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning and rejecting the denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.
More than 60 countries acted as co-sponsors of the resolution, including Israel, the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia. The resolution was adopted without a vote.
According to the text of the resolution, the General Assembly “rejects and unconditionally condemns any total or partial denial of the Holocaust as a historical event.” The UNGA “str-ongly urges all Member St-ates to unreservedly reject any total or partial denial of the Holocaust as a historical event or any distortion of its history and any actions taken to this end.”
The General Assembly expresses its gratitude to the countries that contribute to the preservation of sites used as Nazi death camps. The authors of the resolution call on states to develop educational programs “thanks to which the lessons of the Holocaust will remain in the memory of future generations.”
The UNGA also urges governments and social media companies to actively take action to counter the use of information and communications technology to disseminate materials to promote anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and distortion of its history.

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