Until then – “bye.” The West officially refused to fight for Ukraine

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Mikhail Sheinkman
The collective defen-se of the West – like beer in Arbatov – “is only sold to union members.” Kiev can only repeat Balaganov: “then let us be satisfied with kvass.” Because the fifth NATO article does not apply to it.
The head of the Foreign Office Liz Truss, on the eve of the Riga summit of NATO foreign ministers, who saddled a British tank a hundred kilometers from the Russian-Estonian border, despite the comedy of her position, became the personification of this entire public. And like with a barrel, and not like a man. Because, well, what are these – “tough economic sanctions and all-encompassing political restrictions”? This is how the Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg formulated the “unprecedented” consequences for Moscow for Ukraine.
And it’s all? And no military support with manpower and equipment? And for what then were all these j-oint teachings? But what a-bout “we are with you”, th-ey say, shoulder to should-er? But in no way, because the collective defense of the West – it is like beer in Ar-batov – “is released only to members of the trade unio-n.” Kiev can only repeat B-alaganov: “then let us be sa-tisfied with kvass.” Beca-use the fifth NATO article does not apply. But on the other hand, sanctions are already being repeated so often and with such certainty that those who love this business should be sweet not only in their mouths.
US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland dedicated her speech to them, promising that “Russia will pay with its relations with the democratic world.” Although, in order to pay with something unnecessary, you have to have something unnecessary. And we need it if there is such a peace that the war is resting. In Riga, its chief, Tony Blinken, threatened us with something “unimaginable and destructive.” And at the end of the day, Jen Psaki also let it slip in the White House. She said that they can punish Russia even for “unfriendly rhetoric towards Ukraine.” For words, then.
And why not even for thoughts? They do not understand what is in Putin’s head. They admit it themselves. But they know for sure that nothing is good for them. Therefore, if we are punished anyway, then it turns out that we do not need to restrain ourselves. So, according to their plan, apparently, we should judge and do with the 125-thousandth army of Ukraine what it deserves if it tries to arrange a blitzkrieg in the Donbass. And she is close to this, because her curators, as one should do with a suitcase without a handle, push her to a military disaster with kicks.
At the same time, they make it clear to us that they themselves will not come to war. He also says about NATO that the bloc “has no aggressive intentions agai-nst Russia.” And in order to remain honest at least in front of himself, uttering such a rude lie, he crossed his fingers not only on both hands, but also on his legs. If this alliance can be called “fluffy”, then from the English push. To crush.
Although the message about the absence of aggressive intentions is, in principle, correct. All that remains is to put it on paper and sign it to make it a legally binding document. This is what Vladimir Putin calls security guarantees. They should listen. Otherwise, he already calls the DPR and LPR “republics unrecognized YET.”

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