Up-gradation of SNGPL line costing Rs.1bn: CM inaugurates 32km heavy transmission line

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Inaugurating the 32 Km new and heavy transmission line and the upgradation of existing one of the SNGPL at Achani Bala Peshawar costing Rs. 1 billion, the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan said that it was one of the mega projects for Peshawar that will resolve the low pressure and replacement of the rusty and inefficient transmission line in Peshawar and its suburb including the industrial needs of Hayatabad Industrial Estate.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the extended Sui gas supply scheme for Peshawar at Achani Bala. MNA Arbab Sher Ali, Minister Finance Taimur Saleem Jahgra, MPAs Asif, Pir Fida, Faheem, District Nazim Peshawar, GM Sui Gas Arbab Saqib and others attended. He also interacted with the media and responded to their questions. The Chief Minister said that the project would upgrade the sui gas line along the BRT route, injecting the much needed gas supply to the existing network to resolve the public grievances of low gas pressure and extending facilities to households and fulfilling the demand for the industrial consumption. The project would ensure uninterrupted gas supply to the industrial estate Hayatabad and the new 8 operation phases would remove the problem of low gas supply in the main city areas of Peshawar which he ordered would boost economic activities in Peshawar as well.

The Chief Minister advised the political opponents against the politics on BRT and other mega projects adding that the government had launched these projects for the public welfare and resolving the people grievances. BRT is one such projects that would resolve all traffic congestions, the city of Peshawar witnessed for decades and the commuters suffered because of unruly and unregulated traffic flow. Peshawar has one main artery for traffic and it had been felt that there should be a permanent solution to the ever increasing traffic burden on the main artery. The people are comfortable with the BRT and other projects but the political opponents had political interest and therefore they oppose the public interest activities by his government. He offered transparent investigation to the BRT. The national institutions could undertake investigation which his government would welcome.

Mahmood Khan said that both BRT and the Sui gas extension projects for the upgradation of transmission line and injection of extra sui gas, much of the people problems would stand resolved. The BRT would address the problems of the commuters and ensure regulated flow of vehicles on the main artery, the commuters would find an easy access to their destination and the sui gas upgraded transmission line would generate a lot of trade and economic activities and would revive the sick industries in Peshawar. Peshawar is the city of everyone and the people of the whole the province therefore we have to have a collective role for its development and beautification, he added.

Chief Minister said that he was about to inaugurate the upgraded transmission line for Swat in the next week. He said that the issues related to the SNGPL have been resolved. Now we would turn to the PESCO to deliver on the same lines what SNGPL delivered. The public grievances would have to be taken care of. He warned against overbilling adding that he had requested the Prime Minister in his previous meeting with him and the Prime Minister had asked the relevant quarters to revise the overbilling and give relief to the people.

Mahmood Khan said that his government would support institutions, provided these institutions delivered in consonance with the people aspirations adding that the support of his government to the institutions was conditioned to the delivery of these institutions.

The Chief Minister on a question said that implementation on the National action plan was constant exercise carried out at national level adding that the public welfare and their security was of supreme importance which was very much linked to the national security.

Mahmood Khan has said that his government wanted to launch public welfare oriented projects for the benefit of the people because his government wanted giving quick relief to the public. He lamented that for the last four decades, none of the government focused on the public interest and he referred to the upgradation of transmission lines and improving the gas supply to Peshawar but his government worked on it and delivered.