US announces the risk of an uncontrolled nuclear war

WASHINGTON DC (Age-ncies): The nuclear arms race between the superpowers threatened mankind uncontrolled military conflict, said the director of the disarmament policy and re-duce the threat of the As-sociation of the Arms Con-trol (US) Kingston Reif.

The expert said that now there is no arms race similar to the one that took place during the Cold War, when the USSR and the United States produced tens of thousands of atomic weapons.

“We are witnessing a new round of nuclear rivalry between major powers, which in the near future could become even larger and more dangerous if we do not take steps to prevent this,” he told The Sun in a comment.

The nuclear race poses a threat to the national security of the United States and its allies, Rafe warned.

“This raises concerns about the escalation of the conflict to the nuclear level and raises concerns about the unfounded confidence of the major powers that the nuclear conflict can be limited or controlled,” he stressed.

The expert added that the rivalry between the superpowers is evolving, and the parties choose to increase the size, diversity and capabilities of their arsenal in response to the actions of a competitor.

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