US appreciates PM Imran’s statement on Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON: Alice Wells, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs has appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement for giving importance to peace in the region.

Alice Wells said this while talking to media on Monday in Washington, She said that US is ready to work with the newly elected Imran’s led government for the peace in Afghanistan and in the region.

She added that US welcome (Pakistan Prime Minister) Imran Khan’s words when he discussed the importance of having peace on both sides of the border.

She underscored that Pakistan has a critical role to play in the long-term stability of Afghanistan.

Wells added that both Pakistan and Afghanistan embarked an effort to improve their ties for negotiating a solidarity document which we strongly support.

Regarding the Indian role in Afghanistan, she said that India is supporting the economic development of Afghanistan up to 2020.

She added that Washington wishes to build its long-standing commitment to the region and has taken important steps to ensure the region’s future is free, open and operate in a rule-based system.

Wells informed that the US conducted USD 1.4 trillion in two-way trade with the countries in the Indo-Pacific region. She added that Washington made a major investment in strengthening security cooperation across the region.

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