US asked to free Kabul’s frozen assets

KABUL (Pajhwok): Hundreds of residents in capital Kabul rallied asking the US and other international community members to released Afghanistan’s frozen funds. The rally was held in downtown Kabul headed by the Najam Foundation. Participants chanted ‘death to America slogan’, ‘Nation’s rights’, ‘Nation’s voice.’
Najm Foundation Head Abdul Wahid Hemmat said the rally was held to convey the voices of the people of Afghanistan to the world. He said $3billioin in the total frozen assets belonged to Afghan business community, adding if these funds are not released it would have economic consequences for the country.
“We call on the entire world US and Russia to refrain from enmity with the people of Afghanistan. This is a Muslim nation and would never compromise on its creed and values. Besides seeking apology from Afghans for decades atrocities, the international community adopted aggressive posture and frozen Afghanistan’s assets.”
The urged World Bank, UN, Human Rights Watch and other institutions to continue supporting Afghanistan the way the supported in the past 20 years. Representing the Money Exchangers Union Amin Jan Khosti asked the US to free Afghanistan frozen funds.