US-China Great Game

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US Secretary of Defense Austin issued directives based on recommendations of the Department of Defense (DoD) China Task Force and approved several major initiatives to better address the security challenges posed by China. As said, the initiatives had been developed in consultation and coordination with US partners and will complement the multi-faceted work on China policy of departments, agencies, and the White House. While shedding light on future United States, China strategy, Secretary of Defense, Austin said that today’s efforts will improve the Department’s ability to revitalize US network of allies and partners, bolster deterrence, and accelerate the development of new operational concepts, emerging capabilities, future force posture, and a modernized civilian and military workforce. The directive illustrates that due to the importance and sensitivity of the issue, Austin himself will directly oversee the Department of Defense’s China-related policies, operations, and intelligence work.

As reported, President Biden established the China Task Force in February this year. The Task Force has a two-fold mission: to conduct a baseline assessment of China-related programs, policies, and processes at the Department of Defense; and to provide the Secretary with a set of top priorities and recommended courses of action for the Department.  The task force remained successful in preparing its first ever recipe on which Austin had started his anti-China voyage.

In fact, the United States sees China as a genuine threat to its international position as world leader, despite the fact that China did not confront America in any regional conflict such as Syria, Afghanistan and Libya whereas Russia did and presented several setbacks to the US.

However, the unlimited Chinese political, economic, and technological influence worries the American policy makers and compelled them to react to this silent invasion which seems to flush away American supremacy into the Atlantic Ocean in coming days. Therefore, as US Secretary of Defense, Austin’s worries are genuine, and due to this fear America had already utilized most of its cards against China whereas China has yet not opened its anti-US doctrine so far. However, as the US is tightening its grip against China, the time is not far when Chinese will hit back at the United States in the same way.

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