US-China space competition

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The Deputy Chief of Operations of the US Space Force, General David Thompson has cautioned the US government that China is on a rapid pace in space development, and it could outpace the US in space and gain military advantage over the world Number one. The American General was of the view that there is a potential risk that China could take out US sensors and has first strike capability in space. According to General Thompson, the Chinese are on an incredible pace and they can be the leader in space at the end of the decade, therefore the US needs to adapt its approach or risk being outpaced by the competing power.

The war of global supremacy is being fought by the competitors not only on the ground, in the Sea and in the air but also it is being contested in space and outer space by the United States, Russia and China. To date, the US remains the champion in space and all related avenues but currently it fears from the latest maneuvers of China and Russia in space related work. According to reports, China launched a missile that circled the globe and struck a target during last month, similarly Russia launched a hypersonic missile from a warship in the Arctic. These developments had caused serious concerns in the Pentagon because Moscow and Beijing are closing in on hypersonic missile technology far more quickly than the US. The history of the Chinese Space campaign started in 1970, when China launched its first satellite. China sent an astronaut in space in 2003, which marked the Chinese deep interest in space. Meanwhile, China’s initiated space diplomacy and signed cooperation agreements in the Space program with various nations including Brazil, Pakistan, Argentina, Russia, Canada, France, Ukraine, the European Commission and Malaysia.

Although these agreements were sufficient enough to sensitize American policy makers regarding China’s designs to conquer space but Chinese went further and offered free earth imaginary to the developing world besides concluding a strategic agreement with Russia regarding formation of a joint Lunar research station and satellite cooperation with Japan and Australia during the natural disasters. The Chinese had been following more liberal and open policy regarding sharing of satellite services, training of astronauts, and launch of foreign satellites at a very low cost outnumbered the United States and the West in this field. According to reports, China Manned Space Agency is working closely with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in research experiments. Recently, China has announced its plan to launch crewed missions to Mars in 2033, 2035, 2037, 2041 and 2043, followed by a permanent base station on the planet. China is vigorously working to establish its supremacy in space in the future. According to experts, China is following an aggressive policy in space research than the US, through doctrine of global cooperation and modern innovations since 2003, while America remained stuck to a protectionist and secretive policy and could not attract cooperation from the international community. At times, China is playing the role of a leader in space research due to its liberal and cooperative space regime. Apparently, China is more tactical and assertive in its space doctrine; however America’s discourse would be envisioned by the world in the days ahead.

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