US-China tussle and fate of Formosans

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The US Defense Chief, General Mark Milley has said that the Chinese attack on Taiwan is not imminent, the US is watching very closely. American General said that the Chinese attack on Taiwan is a matter of could, should, and would, as the Chinese military has developed military capability, the political decision would be dependent on cost risks and presumably, it would not happen.

Taiwan, a self-claimed sovereign republic has become a bone of contention between the two superpowers, and each side pushing its agenda to achieve its objectives through diplomatic assertions, military assertiveness as well as the use of propaganda through the media and Internet. Since its inception, the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) is pursuing a one-China policy and it never established normal diplomatic and trade relations with a country that has relations with Taiwan or the Republic of China (ROC). The United States honored China’s policy and degraded its relations with Tai Pei when Washington established relations with Beijing in1979. The United States has maintained informal relations with Taiwan through American Institute. However, the US has brought significant change in its policy after the introduction of the Taiwan Travel Act in March 2018, which paved the path for high-level US delegations visits to the island nation. Presently, China perceives Taiwan as a breakaway province that must be reunified with the mainland, while Beijing has accused the US of supporting Taiwan’s independence, and vowed to resolutely crush any such attempt by power if necessary. The United States sided with Taiwan, provided mass military support to the Formosa regime, and promised to defend Taiwan’s sovereignty militarily.

The geopolitical environment has become tense in the region, as China has sent dozens of warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone to demonstrate its military muscles while the US has despatched aircraft carriers through the Strait of Taiwan to show its commitment to Tai Pei. Both colossal nations are engaged in verbal war, while Western Strategists perceive that China will not use military power for now because of the estimated cost and risks of this expedition. Earlier, the west’s predictions had always proved to be faulty, hence their Doctrine on Formosa will be tested over time.

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