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US considers ending economic assistance to Pakistan after military aid

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ISLAMABAD: United States considering stopping the economic assistance to Pakistan as a bill has been tabled in the US house of representative after the senate.

The step was taken after the US suspended the military aid to Pakistan. Congressmen Mark Sanford from South Carolina and Thomas Massie from Kentucky on Tuesday tabled a bill in House of Representatives to end economic assistance aid to Pakistan and used the money for infrastructure development in the US according to the plan revealed by President Donald Trump

The congressmen accused Pakistan for supporting terrorists and were seeking to stop any kind of aid to Pakistan and utilize that fund for the development of American infrastructure.

Congressman Sanford added that the American people support other nations and our generosity shouldn’t be used to reward terrorists with US taxpayer dollars.

In early January, Senator Rand Paul introduced legislation in the Senate to stop US economic assistance to Pakistan.

Providing shelter to terrorists was a blame which has long been leveled by the US on Pakistan by undermining its sacrifices in the war on terror.

Pakistan officials have rejected the allegations as baseless, saying the US wanted to put the burden of its failure in the Afghanistan on Pakistan.





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