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US Embassy in UAE warns citizens about missile strikes

Written by The Frontier Post

BEIRUT (TASS): The US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday issued an urgent warning to American citizens about the danger of missile strikes.
“We have received reports of possible missile strikes and related anti-missile activity in the sky over Abu Dhabi,” the Embassy said in a statement posted on the website of the diplomatic mission. “The Embassy reminds all US citizens in the UAE of the need to maintain high vigilance. claimed responsibility for the January 17 strike on Abu Dhabi and declared their intention to attack neighboring countries, including the UAE, using missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).
The Yemeni rebel movement Ansar Allah (Houthis) attacked the territory of the OA) and Saudi Arabia early Monday morning with a “large number” of ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). “In response to the escalation by the aggressors and their crimes, our missile forces and UAV crews carried out Operation Yemen Hurricane 2,” General Yahya Saria, spokesman for the rebel forces, said. from Abu Dhabi) and other important sites in the enemy capital were attacked by multiple Zulfiqar-type ballistic missiles. In addition, vital sites were targeted by a large number of Samad-3 drones in Dubai.”
The rebel spokesman also claimed that several Saudi military bases, including in the Sharur region, as well as a number of objects in Jizan and Asir, were targeted by UAVs and missiles, while stressing that they were all “hit with great accuracy.” Reaffirming the “full readiness of the armed forces to expand the scale of operations in the coming phase,” he once again recommended that foreign companies and investors leave the UAE, as it “has become an unsafe country.” “The Emirates will now be among our permanent targets as long as they continue their aggression and blockade of the Yemeni people,” he said.
A Sudanese and a Bangladeshi citizen were wounded as a result of a Houthi missile attack on Saudi Jizan, according to a statement released on Monday night by the Riyadh-led Arabian coalition. At dawn, the UAE Ministry of Defense informed about the interception of two missiles launched in the direction of Abu Dhabi by the Houthis. As noted, their fragments fell in several areas of the capital emirate, there were no casualties.

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