US Embassy warns of unsafe travel to Kabul airport

WASHINGTON DC (RIA Novosti): The US Embassy in Afghanistan warns Americans that the US government does not guarantee safe passage to Kabul airport for evacuation.
“The US government ca-nnot guarantee safe travel t-o Karzai International Airport,” a statement posted on the embassy’s website said.
It provides detailed information on how best for American citizens to get to the airport. “Flights organized by the US government continue to take off,” the message said.
The situation in Afghanistan has become especially aggravated in recent weeks, with the onset of the radical Taliban movement on large cities. On Sunday, media and sources said the rebels were in control of all border crossings. Later that day, militants said they had en-tered Kabul and taken control of the presidential pal-ace. Afghan President Gha-ni said he left the country “to prevent the massacre.” On Monday, a spokesman for the Taliban’s office Na-im announced that the war in Afghanistan was over.