US exit from Afghanistan

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken defended President Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan during a recent interview. Blinken said America went to Afghanistan 20 years ago, after 9/11 attacks and now United States had achieved the objectives that it set out to achieve. While arguing to opinion of former US military Commanders in Afghanistan including former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General David Petraeus and General Danford, Blinken said that he visited Kabul and met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, and Afghan leadership, he also met with NATO’s leaders and European allies. According to Blinken, all stakeholders supported the Biden’s decision and advised to move forward on the path. While defending Biden’s decision he said that presently, Al-Qaida has been significantly tarnished. Its capacity to conduct an attack against the United States from Afghanistan has vanished. Osama Bin Laden had been killed ten years ago. Blinken said that threat of terrorism had shifted to other places in the world. While talking to creation of Intelligence gap in result of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, Blinken noted that United States has the means to see if there is a resurgence, a re-emergence of a terrorist threat from Afghanistan. Blinken termed withdrawal as repositioning of US troops, which means that US is in effort to shift its troops and war machinery from Afghanistan to nearby American base in Central Asia so it can be move back quickly into Afghanistan war theatre if a need come across in post withdrawal scenario.

Blinken clearly told the opponents of US withdrawal from Afghanistan that this is 2021 instead of 2001, the situation of Afghanistan and threat perception has changed. While touching upon the priorities of the Biden administration, Blinken said, US has other very important items on its agenda, including the relationship with China, climate change, and COVID-19 challenge. According to him, United States has to invest its energies and resources in other important avenues.

In fact, United States has achieved most of its objectives in Afghanistan, its major objective was the dismantlement of Al-Qaeda’s setup in the country and its host Taliban regime. After a lengthy and costly war against Al-Qaida and Taliban over the two decades, America has achieved most of its objectives short of a complete defeat to Taliban. If, America do not end its war in Afghanistan today in a dignified manner, it has to pour billions of dollars in Afghanistan besides more loss of lives and resources. However, the military hawks who favored unending war in Afghanistan are unable to predict a decisive US victory in Afghanistan in coming time, furthermore they also overlook the huge expenditures attached with military presence in the country. It is rightly said that a soldier always looks at war scenario whereas a stateman always has much foresight and looks at war and its consequences. The both US Generals David Petraeus and Dunford remained unable to fetch Afghan trophy for American nation when they were on the ground, now they must give a chance to peace instead of advocating useless war. It would be wise enough for war monger in Afghanistan to clearly read out the message of time. The Afghan leadership must prepare themselves for tomorrow. The US exit would open numerous opportunities of peace, prosperity and cooperation for Afghan people. The Afghan leadership must end their personal differences for the larger benefit of the country and the people of Afghanistan.

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