US flays use of disproportionate force against Sudanese protestors

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KHARTOUM: In meetings with a wide cross-section of Sudanese civil society, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee and Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa David Satterfield shared the deep concern of the Sudanese people about the disruption of the democratic transition, says a tweet issued by US embassy in Khartoum on Thursday.
They strongly condemned the use of disproportionate force against protestors, especially the use of live ammunition and sexual violence and the practice of arbitrary detention.
They called for transparent and independent investigations into the deaths and injuries that have occurred and for all those responsible to be held accountable. They met families of those who lost loved ones in violence against pro-democracy demonstrators.
Assistant Secretary Phee and Special Envoy Satterfield underscored that the United States will not resume paused assistance to the Sudanese government absent an end to violence and a restoration of a civilian-led government that reflects the will of the people of Sudan.
The military leaders of the Sovereign Council, with whom the Assistant Secretary and Special Envoy met, offered their commitment to inclusive national dialogue, the political transition, the establishment of a civilian-led government based upon consensus, and acknowledged the importance of establishing and sustaining a peaceful environment to allow the political process to proceed.
The Assistant Secretary and Special Envoy made clear that the United States will consider measures to hold accountable those responsible for failure to move forward on these goals. They urged the lifting of the state of emergency as a significant confidence-building measure.
Assistant Secretary Phee and Special Envoy Satterfield endorsed the recently launched Sudanese-led political process facilitated by the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission to Sudan (UNITAMS) as a means to help Sudanese civilian stakeholders identify a common way forward to overcome Sudan’s political impasse and pledged full U.S. support for the effort. They called upon all Sudanese stakeholders to engage in this process.
Assistant Secretary Phee and Special Envoy Satterfield expressed U.S. government solidarity with pro-democracy elements in Sudan and pledged sustained support to the Sudanese people in their efforts to achieve freedom, peace, and justice.

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