US forces tortured me at Guantanamo: Haroon

KABUL (TOLOnews): Asadullah Haroon, one of two Afghans recently released from the US’s Guantanamo Bay, says he was imprisoned without charges.
In an interview with TOLOnews, Haroon said that he had been tortured many times during his 15 years at the prison and that his health was not good now.
“Ten years of my life were wasted. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics. Now I have forgotten everything. My identity, dignity and areputation is ruined, and I don’t know what my fault is,” he said.
Haroon, 41, was arrested in 2007 by US forces in eastern Nangarhar province, and taken to Guantanamo Bay.
He said US forces treated him in a bad manner and that the US lacked documents to prove his guilt.
During his 15 years in prison, he said, he wrote more than 900 letters to find a lawyer to defend himself.
“Guantanamo prison was a military camp. I had no legal rights, and I did not have a lawyer for ten years,” Haroon said.
But what rights do prisoners have during their imprisonment?
“Under international law, all detainees must be treated fairly and humanely until their crime is proven, free from any discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, language, or gender,” said Javid Sangdel, a lawyer.
The Pentagon has identified Assadullah Haroon as the commander of Islamist militias and al-Qaeda couriers. The Islamic Emirate said that Haroon was freed as a result of engagement between the US and Kabul, but they did not provide details.