US & German tanks for self defence only: US 

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: After the US President Joe Biden announcement that the US will send 31 powerful Abrams tanks to Ukraine and Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirming that Germany is sending 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, State Department Spokesperson, Ned Priced clarified that these tanks are meant for self defence only and that Ukraine will not use these weapons for aggression against Russia. 

When asked if these tanks could enter Crimea, Ned replied by saying that “Crimean is Ukraine, that has been our position and it will not change.” 

Ned Price further said that the capabilities provided to Ukraine is so that it could take on Russian invaders who are trying to redraw boundaries. Ned Price further said that Russia seems to be in no mood for dialogue and that “Moscow has inflicted failure on itself.” 

When asked about US relations with Germany, Ned replied by saying that he sees determination and unity from both sides. “Germany has proved to be a strategic partner” Ned added.  

When asked about US policy towards Africa, Ned Price stated that it is a historic fact that in the past US was not partner to many African nations but now it has changed and that the US wants partnership with African countries. While referring to Africa as “play ground” Ned Price stated that the US will not allow disability in Africa.