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US govt fails to stabilize parts of Afghanistan in 17 years

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KABUL: The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has released its report and it stated that US government failed to stabilize parts of Afghanistan in over 17 years.

SIGAR reports claimed that more than $4.7 billion have been spent to stabilize the war affected areas and cleared of insurgents has been largely wasted. It added that some of the corrupt officials did more harm to the efforts than good.

Report claimed that the US government has allocated $126 billion to rebuild Afghanistan and most of the fund to be used in it to train and equip Afghan security forces.

SIGAR report criticized the US strategy and policies in Afghanistan and claimed its policies have wasted billions and also more than 2,200 US soldier were killed in 17 years.

Report informed that of the $4.7 billion spent, $2.4 billion went to programs administered by USAID and $2.3 billion was spent on the Pentagon’s Commander’s Emergency Response Program.

There are at least 15,000 US troops in the country.


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