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US hopes for respectful bilateral relationship with Pakistan: Schriver

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ISLAMABAD: Assistant Defence Secretary for the Department of Defence’s (DoD) Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, Randall G. Schriver has said that the United States has high hopes for a respectful and better bilateral relationship with Pakistan.

This he said while talking to media on Thursday night. Randall G. Schriver said that the military linkages between the two countries have always remained a strong foundation for the two-way relations especially after the visit of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo and US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford.

Schriver was speaking at an event organized to commemorate the Defense and Martyrs Day 2018 here at the Pakistani Embassy. He said during his speech that this is a day to celebrate your armed forces … It’s also a day to remember those who have sacrificed. And that very much includes the sacrifices made in the war on terror.

He further added that the bumpy but somewhat healthy relationship that the US and Pakistan have maintained ever since the 9/11 attacks and adding that the ally nation was a friend, a supporter, and a key partner in our building to do that and has remained a key partner since.

He reiterated Gen Dunford’s Wednesday statement when he was about to travel from Nur Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi to India.

American officials noted that Pakistan is an important partner and ally of the US and adding that Islamabad has offered multiple sacrifices in the war against terror and that Washington respected these losses.

The United States is making active efforts to improve its relationship with the Pakistan Army, Schriver said, adding that the talks held between Pompeo, Dunford, and Islamabad’s top brass were in a favorable environment.

Schriver added that Washington hopes to “improve this relationship and restore this toward full cooperation in all areas.

In addition, the Pentagon official commented on the commendable personal relations between the two countries’ top military officials.


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