US imposes new sanctions over Nord Stream 2

Written by The Frontier Post

Mikhail Sheinkman
On the one hand, the State Department, as it were, keeps us on our toes, so as not to relax. On the other hand, he throws the bone to his congressmen so that they don’t get inflamed. And then there they are almost calling to bomb our gas pipeline.
Still, they did not end-ure. Accepted. Although they still threaten, as they put it, “hellish sanctions” in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. But, firstly, in order not to lose their qualifications and not to cool down in anticipation of “Russian aggression”, they decided to stretch out on traditional restrictions. Secondly, in their heads we already have one foot in Ukraine. So what kind of intrusion is the same punishment. Contemplative. Not a punishment, but one name. However, there are two names. The Russian-linked company Transadria Ltd and its ship, the Marlin.
There is also a second ship, but for some reason US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken kept his name a secret. Apparently, he was already ashamed to announce the pipe-layer “Fortuna” in the fourth round. And she packed everything she needed. She has these sanctions to the wheel. This, incidentally, applies to “Marlin”. Supply vessel – it also fulfilled its mission on the project, since the constructed pipeline should now only be supplied with gas. And for this we do not need watercraft. We do not supply tea with LNG, but a living, natural product, without GMOs and other harmful impurities, including the notorious “freedom molecule”. Therefore, even without overpayment.
That is, we can say that the State Department has shown resourcefulness for once. And not only in the sense that I, too, found someone to punish. Since they have no other reason to fight us other than the rage of unfair competition, they found an excuse. The sanctions are not against Nord Stream 2, but because of. The United States is not interfering with the project itself. The Germans themselves cope with this at the very least, delaying certification for purely bureauc-ratic reasons. But this, in all likelihood, is the purpose of the next action of the American “intimidation”, in order to demonstrate a readiness for radical actions in general using individual particular examples.
At the same time, on the one hand, they kind of keep us in good shape so as not to relax. On the other hand, they throw the bone to their congressmen, so as not to get inflamed. And then the-re they are almost calling to bomb the gas pipeline. “Sh-ortsighted. How can we th-en blackmail the Russians?”, They think in the State Department, wh-ich is much more practical. By the way, in his report for the Capitol Hill, Blinken mentioned another vessel working for Nord Stream 2, but only in vain – without putting it on the “firing list”.
As a certain official told Bloomberg, “the Blue Ship was not punished because it is connected with the Ger-man government.” And its name was indicated, apparently because Blue. If the Congress can give up on relations with Berlin, then they certainly will not dare to transgress through innate tolerance. Although the fuel is also blue, this does not st-op them. Double standards what you want. Therefore, there is no point in renaming “nordstream” to “blackstream” by the color of the pipe. Is that for jokes. So that with each new sanction one could ask: is it because he is black? There are no other explanations anyway.

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