US is trying to rekindle conflict in Donbass: Moscow

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PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY (RIA Novosti): The United States is trying to rekindle the conflict in Donbass with renewed vigor, said Sergei Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.
In an interview with Sergei Brilev on the Vesti on Saturday program on the Russia 1 TV channel, the head of the department explained why the States are talking about an invasion of a neighboring state that Moscow is allegedly preparing.
“I must reassure everyone: nothing like this will happen,” Naryshkin said.
He called everything happening a malicious propaganda action by the State Department, which is “pumping fakes” to its allies and the media, which is why these lies are beginning to multiply.
“The goal is to try to push such a little-controlled Kiev government, to reignite the conflict that is actually taking place in the east of Ukraine,” the SVR director explained.
In his opinion, throughout this history, Washington perceives this country as a consumable.
“We, of course, need to maintain restraint and strengthen the defense capability of our country,” added Naryshkin.
Recently, a new wave of publications has risen in the Western media that Russia is allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine.
In Kiev, at first they said that they did not record the build-up of Russian troops near their borders, but then they also began to talk about the upcoming attack: according to the head of military intelligence Kirill Budanov, a strike would follow in late January or early February from two directions at once – from Belarus and from Crimea.
The Kremlin has repeatedly denied these statements.

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