US-Macedonia bilateral ties

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According to the media, the US Department of State intends to allocate funds to finance projects aimed at building an inclusive democracy in North Macedonia, as well as diversifying the country’s economy. According to reports, during the current year the US will focus on supporting North Macedonia on the path to inclusive democracy, the formation of a government that takes into account the interests of citizens, and the rule of law. As said, the United States will also support the efforts of the country’s authorities aimed at the full integration of the country into Euro-Atlantic institutions, developing media literacy and cooperation in the field of energy and energy security, and also intend to provide the republic with an opportunity to strengthen and diversify its economy.

The United States has strong bilateral relations with North Macedonia, a former Yugoslavian state since its independence in 1991. After independence, North Macedonia had worked actively to integrate itself into the European Community and joined various multilateral forums including Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in a bid to become a democratic and self-sufficient European nation. The United States remained keen in helping North Macedonia in its economic integration and efforts to assimilate itself into the EU Community. The United States has provided significant assistance to North Macedonia to combat the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, while USAID had been working with Macedonian Ministry of Economy and Energy Regulatory Commission for diversification and improvement of energy resources during recent years.  

The US government had financed various projects to fight anti-west propaganda in Macedonia during the past, because Macedonian public had been opposing the Macedonian government’s efforts to join NATO and EU, and also criticized the country’s financial contribution to NATO’s military spending in the past. According to reports, Macedonians are unhappy at name change of the country, a prerequisite for North Macedonia’s admission into the European Union. Presently, America and the European Union are actively working to diversify the Macedonian Democracy and economy according to their standards; however what is the desire of Macedonians no one cares about that. 

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