US opens border in Texas after suspension of influx of migrants

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WASHINGTON DC (RIA Novosti): The United States will reopen the border at a site in Del Rio in Texas after stopping the influx of migrants, Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Martinez told RIA Novosti.

“They (the federal auth-orities – ed.) Assured me th-at on Monday they will wo-rk 100%,” Martinez said.

The administration’s decision to close the Del Rio checkpoint was important, he said, in order to influence the Mexican government so that it, in turn, influenced migrants and prevented them from going to the United States.

“I think that when the international bridge was closed a week ago, it sent a signal to Mexico … that there is a price to pay for it, because for us it (the bridge – ed.) Is an economic engine,” the sheriff said.

According to him, the citizens of Mexico could not get to work or study due to the closure of the bridge in the US. Some restaurants have had to close due to labor shortages. According to him, there is evidence that new migrants may be sent to the US border.

Last week in the Del Rio area, about 15,000 migrants arrived at the border, mainly from Haiti. The handling of them by the police caused controversy. The US detained and sent back to Haiti about 2 thousand people.

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