US President openly violates UN decision

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Secretary General of Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that US President announcement to shift US embassy to Baitul Maqdis is tantamount to his accepting Zionists’ slavery.

Addressing a workers convention in the city on Sunday, he said that after a categorical decision regarding the status of Baitul Maqdis by the United Nations, none of the countries of the world had endorsed Israel decision or opened its embassy there. Even former US Presidents Bush and Obama had not done that.  Donald Trump was the first US President to openly violate the UN decision by going against all democratic and humanitarian decisions.

He however believed that Trump would have to withdraw his decision as the world wide resentment over US patronage of the Zionist unlawful state would continue to increase.


Liaqat Baloch said that the Muslim states including Syria, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon had faced devastation because they did not endeavour for the solution of the Palestine and Kashmir issues and the colonial powers targeted them one by one.

He said the Muslim masses were protesting on roads but the rulers were indifferent and helpless and Turkish President Erdogan was the sole Muslim rulers who had called the Islamic summit.  He hoped that Prime Minister Shahid Khqan Abbasi would play an active role at the international level on this issue.