US-Russia contest in the Black Sea

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According to western media, an American Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint electronic reconnaissance aircraft forced a civilian Airbus A330 flying over the Black Sea from Tel Aviv to Moscow to change its route. According to reports, the civilian liner was forced to drop its altitude because of the US Air Force reconnaissance plane flying over the contested region in the Black Sea and Ukrainian Peninsula. According to the Russian military, American military aircraft regularly appear over the Black Sea, while Russian fighter interceptors Su-27 and Su-30 took to the air to escort the RC-135 and CL-600 “Artemis” reconnaissance and prevent violations of the state border.

The tension between the Russian Federation and the United States and NATO has increased during recent days on the issue of Russian military buildup on Eastern border of Ukraine, which had sensitized Ukraine’s western allies of any possible Russian invasion against the pro-west nation. During recent months, several western nations had deployed their militaries under NATO’s banner in Ukraine to demonstrate solidarity against Russia. While Russia viewed this development seriously and warned NATO of serious consequences of its advancement toward the East.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister has said that US Strategic bombers had made about 30 sorties to the borders of the Russian Federation during last month, which is 2.5 times more than in the corresponding period last year. According to him, during the exercise “Global Thunder” of the US strategic forces, 10 American strategic bombers practiced use of nuclear weapons against Russia simultaneously from the Western and Eastern directions at the distance of 20 kilometers from the border.

According to reports, US Reconnaissance aircrafts take flight form the Souda Air Base on the island of Crete and accomplish their secret missions under the disguise of civilian airliners while using different call signs. Amid heightened tension, the Chief Diplomats of the United States and Russia met recently in Stockholm and agreed to resolve the problem through negotiations amicably. In fact, both parties must give a chance to diplomacy because Militarization is not a solution to any issue.

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