US-Russia tussle and war in Ukraine

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The Commander of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov has accused the United States and Ukraine of hiding their joint work in the area of biological research in their reports submitted by both nations to the United Nations in recent days. According to Igor Kirillov, during the ongoing investigations regarding military biological activities of the United States in Ukraine, the Russian experts had analyzed the documents sent by these states on the subject to the UN, which revealed that neither Ukraine nor the United States contains information about their joint ongoing biological research, while Poland and Germany also hid such information from the global forum. According to Igor, the Pentagon commonly pretends to help various countries with plausible intentions in the fight against infectious diseases, and then absorbs their national developments and includes laboratories in its own global system. The Russian General claimed that the United States has a vast network of biolabs in various countries across the world and these biolabs are connected to the Walter Reed Army Research Institute in Maryland, USA. According to him, all such biolabs including Ukrainian biological laboratories are also connected to the Pentagon’s system of global control over the spread of infectious diseases, while US military officials control the whole operation remotely from the Pentagon.

The US-Russia rivalry has reached an all-time high, while both nations have ramped up their blame game and propaganda war against each other. Russian Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov has assumed the charge of Russia’s Chief propagandist and tactfully uses military, diplomatic as well as media forums to disrupt, distract and undermine western war efforts in Ukraine against Russia. The Russian general regularly appears before the media with latest updates regarding recovery of remnants of US funded biolabs in Ukraine and lashes out at the United States and allies for their alleged violations of universal conventions on the use of biological and chemical weapons. Recently, Russian general had claimed that western allies can stage a covert use of tactical Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) to put blame on Russia and to create anti-Russia environment at the global forums including the UN, ICC, ICJ as well as IAEA to sabotage Russia special status in the global community. While NATO allies are accusing the Russian Federation of its involvement in the violation of fundamental human rights and war crimes in Ukraine.

The Russian military has achieved significant success in the Donbass region and has launched a heavy offensive against the important cities of Lyman and Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine. However, Russia’s economy had been exhausted due to the impact of western economic sanctions and aftershocks of months long war in Ukraine. According to experts, despite massive military aid from western allies, the Ukrainian military is less likely to sustain for a few more months in the face of continuous offensives of the Russian war machine. So, depending upon the future situation either side can stage or likely to use tactical WMDs to avoid defeat or fail the adversary. In fact, great powers have no interest in the safety of the public, only chasing their agendas in Ukraine. Hence, Zelensky and his team should protect their people from becoming fuel of the others’ war.

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