US State Dept rejects PTI’s propaganda about travel restrictions

WASHINGTON (NNI): Another propaganda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to defame Pakistan at the international level to prove it a dangerous country has failed miserably.
The activists of the political party were once again caught spreading false information to Pakistanis living abroad and American citizens living in Pakistan.
The report said false and fabricated propaganda has been spread to defame Pakistan that America has put Pakistan on the Watch List and imposed a travel ban. This fake travel warning has been issued by the political party as anti-Pakistan propaganda but the US Department of State has clearly rejected it and declared the fake travel advisory for Pakistan.
The US State Department in its message on its Twitter account warned, “We’re aware of a fake travel warning circulating.”
The US State Department further said in the tweet, “As a reminder, all our alerts and messages to US citizens in Pakistan are posted here”. The political party is constantly engaged in efforts to defame Pakistan at the global level for its political gain and for this purpose, the party workers are fully active to get American Congressmen’s support on the violations of human rights and the laws in Pakistan.