US-strategic partnership

Pakistan has expressed concern over the US -India deal of providing drones to the latter. Foreign office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria in his weekly press briefing said that international powers should be mindful of their global responsibilities before signing such deals. He said US-India deal to provide drones to India will undermine the strategic stability and balance of power in South Asia.

The United States has established a strategic partnership with India to counter Chinese influence in South Asia. But the bilateral trade linkage between India and China is also strong and India may not effectively counter Chinese influence. However, India will use its military muscle to bully the small neighboring states. Pakistan Army shot down Indian drone at the line of control in the Rakhehikri sector. This is not the first incident of Indian drone violating Pakistan airspace. Indian drones have been shot down on previous occasions.

The United States is now openly opposing China’s One Built One Road (OBOR) project that passes through the northern areas of Pakistan which are close to the line of control. Arming India with latest drone technology and other sophisticated weapon systems will tilt the strategic balance in its favor leading to arms race in this region where abject poverty exists in a number of countries including India. To ward off Indian hegemony, the smaller nations will be compelled to divert resources from socio-economic uplift programs to the purchase of weapons, which is the main intention of the US. The containment of China policy will prove counterproductive and must be reviewed.