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US supports religious freedom across the globe: Pompeo

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WASHINGTON D.C: Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State had a conversation with the local media where he highlighted the changing narrative of American leadership under State Department.

He said that, the idea of America’s foreign policy and its centrality has changed and is only focused on delivering goof outcomes for the American people.

He said that, the Trump administration has made huge diplomatic, economic efforts at global level for protection of U.S. citizens by ensuring their security and prosperity.

Pompeo also criticized China for bringing coronavirus into the world. He also snapped back at the China and U.S. additional sanctions on Iran.

He said that, Trump’s foreign policy is based on the idea of principles realism.

Pompeo said that, U.S. cannot be everywhere and will demonstrate through the goodness of America through economic might and power of U.S.

He further added, U.S will protect inalienable rights of people and U.S will always highlight Iran’s abuse of human rights.

Pompeo said that, U.S. has also formed a commission on how the United States thinks about human rights around the world, led by a women Mary Ann Glendon.– U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

He said that, this nation was great because our founders laid down a direction and an opportunity and a structure to create an ever-more perfect union.

But this is a country that shows up and makes things better for people, and this is a nation that has made lives better for Americans for decades and decades, he said.

Secretary of State also said that, President Trump believes, that absent religious freedom, the lives of people around the world are very difficult. 

Authoritarianism encourages the oppression of religion. 

Pushing religion out of the public square drives oppression, drives authoritarian regimes, and really gets at human dignity. He highlighted U.S. support for all religions.

He further added that he himself has never hidden his religion and also does not encourage hiding it.

He expressed his believe in Christianity, he said that the followers of Abrahamic faiths have an impression of “centrality”, He added that that’s the way diplomacy is best conducted, when people are candid and honest about whom they are what drive them.

While talking about religion and its importance he said that, When you can’t talk about it, when you push it to the background, you push it aside or pretend it’s not part of the process of analysis, you’re taking away one of the fundamental elements of human nature, right, that we’re all made in the image of God and that drives how people think about their lives, their families, all the things that matter and we hold most dear. U.S will always support to maximize religious freedom for every human being all across the world, he said.

Pompeo updated the press by saying that he will be travelling to Wisconsin where he will talk about CCP working in U.S.

He also said that U.S. will highlight the grave human rights violations taking place in Chinese. Elimination of non-Han Chinese is a matter of concern for everyone he added.

The challenge that Christians and Catholics have to practice their faith inside of China is an abuse of religious freedom. 

“Authoritarians has banished the world” he added, CCP is seeking hegemony in the world and U.S. perceived this as its obligation to protect the freedom of people. He also said that against the threat of CCP, U.S will protect its people from prefatory economic activity and information campaigns that pose threat to the privacy of U.S citizens.

Our Western values will also push back against this threat from the Chinese Communist Party, and we-’ll prevail, he concluded.

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