US, Taiwan, Gov’t of Eswatini agree to cooperate for Public Sector Opportunities

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: On Thursday, the embassies of the United States and Taiwan in the Kingdom of Eswatini partnered with the Government of Eswatini to host a virtual Partnership Opportunity Delegation. 

According to the U.S State Department press release, the virtual delegation included business leaders from the United States and Taiwan who met with Eswatini Minister of Commerce Manqoba Khumalo. 

While mentioning more details, the spokesperson remarked that the event featured U.S. Ambassador to Eswatini Jeanne Maloney, Taiwan Ambassador to Eswatini Jeremy Liang, the U.S. State Department’s Managing Director for Global Partnerships Thomas Debass, and Prosper Africa’s Managing Director for Africa Operations Brinton Bohling.

The United States and Taiwan are working together with Eswatini to identify private sector opportunities that will strengthen the information technology sector in Eswatini, State Department spokesperson mentioned.

During the meeting, executives from Eswatini, the United States and Taiwan discussed several areas related to high-tech collaboration, including the development of a regional eCommerce hub based in Eswatini to serve all southern Africa, the press statement added.

This initial virtual Partnership Opportunity Delegation will be followed with further engagement to build upon the key sector opportunities that were identified during the meeting, the statement mentioned.