US troops reportedly cost Germany over $1Bln over 10 years

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BERLIN:  Germany has spent roughly 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) on US troop upkeep in the past decade, according to Finance Ministry figures seen by German media.

The ministry said in a written response to a query by Brigitte Freihold, a lawmaker from the Left party, that 648.5 million euros was spent on construction contracts and 333.9 million was paid in add-on costs, including those of cleaning up damage inflicted by US troops, according to the Spiegel magazine.

In comparison, the United States poured 7.2 billion euros last year into the upkeep of its troops in Germany, 16 times more than what the host country spent. The publication added that US bases had a big presence in small German towns, providing locals with jobs.

US President Donald Trump has confirmed plans to cut the number of American troops in Germany by roughly half to 25,000, after accusing his NATO ally of missing the alliance’s defense spending target. He said he might move troops to neighboring Poland, which has promised to pay billions for their stationing.

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