US-Turk trembling relations

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Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu said that extension of sanctions against senior Turkish leaders imposed by the United States during 2019, because of its operation in Syria is a misguided policy. Mevlut was of the view that the Biden administration was misleading Congress. According to reports, US administration-imposed sanctions against Turkish senior officials including Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Minister of Energy Fatih Donmez and the deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party Suleiman Soylu in connection with Turkish Military intervention against the Syrian Kurd militant group (PYG), an American ally in the global fight against the ISIS/Daish.

The Turkish Foreign Minister urged the Biden administration to abandon its flawed policy instead of blaming Turkey. Mevlut Cavusoglu advised US lawmakers to be honest and faithful to the American Public. According to Mevlut, the US leadership knows that there is no difference between the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a Turkish insurgent group) and the YPG (the People Protection Unit, a Syrian Kurd Separatist group), however the US administration provides large-scale support to this terrorist organization. Mevlut termed it a crime under the American law.

The learned Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has raised a very intelligent point that the American support to Kurdish militant organization is unlawful under US Constitution, however one must assume it as innocence of Mevlut that after having dealt with the United States over the years he could not understand the crux of US foreign Policy doctrine, which revolve around the America’s interests through tactful and intelligent use of US and International laws. Although Mevlut tried his level best to contest the issue, his voice would not affect the Biden administration, because its needs do not correspond to the law.

In fact, the differences between the two allies, the United States and Turkey emerged abruptly after the successful end of their common fight against ISIS in 2019, when Syrian militant groups SDF and People Protection Units (YPG) intended to create an autonomous region consisting the Syrian border cities of Tel Abyad and Afrin. The situation belled the alarm in Ankara because Syrian YPG maintained close ties with Turkish Militant group PKK and Turkey perceived the creation of Kurd autonomous territory as a threat to its territorial sovereignty. The Turkish military had fought a three decade long counter insurgency war with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) since the 1980s. Turkey and its allies including the United States and EU had designated PKK as a terrorist group during the past. Whereas Syria based Kurd Separatist group YPG is a close ally of the United States and Turkish insurgent group PKK. So, this conflict of interests forged a rivalry between Turkey and its western allies in late 2019.

Although, Turkish government tried to mend its ties with Washington during the recent months through expressing its willingness to deploy Turkish military for the security of Kabul airport in the aftermath of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the things remained on odds because that opportunity vanished circumstantially. However, it is suggestible to Mevlut Cavusoglu, not to be gloomy over the egoistic behavior of the US administration because as it comes across the need for Turkish help in the international arena Biden himself will ask Erdogan for a tea party and all grievances would be addressed in a movement.

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