US-Venezuela remarriage

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Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro has informed his countrymen that a high-level American delegation has arrived in Caracas and National Assembly Speaker, Jorge Rodriguez is representing the Venezuelan government in the negotiations. According to details, this was the second US delegation after a pause of almost four years which visited Caracas in less than three months. According to the White House Spokesperson, the US delegation will discuss America’s energy security needs with Venezuelan authorities to overcome the rapidly growing energy crisis in the country.

Venezuela and the United States were not on diplomatic terms since mid-2019, when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected for a second term, while opposition accused him of rigging and bypassing the country’s law while resorting to protest and agitation against the Maduro regime. The United States criticized the successor of Hugo Chavez and backed the opposition. In fact, the American deep state went far in Maduro’s opposition and recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim President of the country and imposed economic sanctions on Caracas including putting a ban on Venezuela’s crude oil.

The global geopolitical environment changed dramatically after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The western nations, whose industrial production and kitchen heating were dependent on Moscow exports become desperate for their energy needs. President Maduro has recently paid an official visit to Iran, Turkey, and Algeria and also intensified his contacts with Russia, China, and Cuba for greater cooperation among those nations to reduce the effects of American sanctions. According to experts, western Strategists were also worried about a potential alliance of American rivals such as Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea with the Russian Federation which will not only aggravate the energy crisis but also support Russia’s war capabilities indirectly through trade and defense deals.

After these high-level contacts between American adversaries, the Biden administration came to senses and started shuttle diplomacy between Washington and Caracas to eliminate the scopes of a union of the Biden’s adversaries, besides contracting a deal for the purchase of Venezuelan crude oil. On the other hand, Maduro perceived it as a blessing to kill the threat from his US-backed political rivals at least for the current term. Hence, Americans once again betrayed their partners and married the valin to satisfy their needs.

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