US wants to maintain “open and clear lines of communication” with China

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WASHINGTON DC (TA-SS):. The US government wants to maintain “open and clear lines of communication” with Beijing. The coordinator for the Indian and Pacific Oceans at the National Security Council at the White House Kurt Campbell said on Friday at a conference organized by the Washington Institute for Peace.
“The first and most important thing is to have open, clear lines of communication,” he said, noting the importance of “deep engagement”, within which the parties can discuss issues of disagreement, as well as “promising areas” where joint work is possible. He also spoke about the need for interaction at the highest level. “Ensuring that there is an open, respectful line of communication between the two [leaders] is a vital part of our diplomacy,” Campbell said.
At the same time, he noted that the main characteristic of relations between the United States and China is now competition. “We compete on all fronts. We believe in responsible and healthy competition,” he added.
Chinese President Xi Ji-nping made it clear to B-iden at a video-conference summit that US foreign policy steps in the Asia-Pacific region (APR) in the security sphere “cause heartburn” in Beijing.
“It is fair to say that in an online meeting, [PRC] Pre-sident Xi [Jinping] made it clear that a number of actions by the United States are causing heartburn in China,” Campbell said.
As an example, he cited, first of all, the strengthening of relations in the field of security with Japan and South Korea, with Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, “new partnerships of critical importance, for example, with Vietnam”, “Quadripartite dialogue on security” (Quad – Australia, India , USA and Japan), the US-UK-Australia Trilateral Security Partnership (AUKUS), “Working Constructively with India” and negotiations with Europe “in a more dynamic vein on areas of technology cooperation.”
Xi Jinping told Biden at an online summit that the PRC will explore the possibility of engaging in a dialogue on strategic stability with the United States.
On the evening of November 15, Washington time (Tuesday morning Beijing time), Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden met online to discuss a wide range of cooperation issues. The negotiations lasted more than three hours. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, following the consultations, the leaders of the two countries reached a consensus on a number of problems and expressed mutual readiness to strengthen contacts.
The United States proceeds from the assumption that the AUKUS pact in the Asia-Pacific region will be an “open architecture”, which the Europeans may then join.

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