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US will engage Taiwan at summit under One China Policy

Written by The Frontier Post

WASHINGTON DC (TASS): The United States will engage with Taiwan at the upcoming Summit for Democracy as part of America’s One China Policy. This statement was made on Tuesday at a special telephone briefing for journalists, which was devoted to the aforementioned multilateral meeting scheduled for December 9-10, by a high-ranking representative of the US administration. This online forum, with participation of 110 countries and territories, which includes neither Russia nor China, is hosted by Washington.
“We do emphasize that there is and will be interaction with Taiwan within the framework of the summit in a manner that is consistent with the American ‘one China’ policy, based on the Taiwan Relations Act, three communiqués and six guarantees,” said a spokeswoman for the US executive branch of government.
As she noted, the United States views “Taiwan as a leading democracy.” “He has extensive experience in promoting transparent, res-ponsive and vibrant democracy. This is a prime example,” the American official said. “We also see him as a global leader in developing best practices for protecting against disinformation, in using new technologies to make government more transparent and responsive,” the presenter of the briefing emphasized.
“We believe that Taiwan can commit itself to the summit’s goals in the areas of countering authoritarianism, fighting corruption and ensuring human rights domestically and internationally. This is Taiwan’s role [at the summit],” the US official added. administration.
The US authorities see the summit primarily as a discussion platform, but multilateral initiatives will also be put forward at it. “One of the main goals of the summit is simply to bring to the fore the issues of global dialogue between governments and civil society,” said a US administration official. “We consider the key component of the summit <…> to maintain dialogue and ensure conditions for us to honestly and frankly talk about the threats and challenges to democracy, as well as about the opportunities available,” he added.
“In addition, during the week we will see a number of different multilateral initiatives and support for existing multilateral initiatives,” he added. “The US government, for example, intends to make new statements about the formation of a group of countries that will work to ensure the integrity of the elections,” – said a spokesman for the US administration.
Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry described the US plans to hold the summit as “an attempt by Washington to draw new dividing lines, which threatens to intensify ideological confrontation.”

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