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US will not allow others to determine the future of Taiwan : Jen Psaki

Written by The Frontier Post

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki said that there is no change in US policy regarding Taiwan and that US will not allow others to determine the future of Taiwan. She further said that  President Biden doesn’t want to raise tensions in the region. “We are guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, which means assisting Taiwan and providing them assistance with regard to their self Defence.

While replying to a question about Afghanistan, Jen said that “we remain committed to Afghanistan, US is providing the largest humanitarian aid.” With regard to traveling issues from Afghanistan, Jen said that the US has presence in Doha and that is where travelers go to solve their problems. 

With regard to the Spending Bill, Jen Psaki said that “we are making progress in Congress, the Presidents objective is to bring parties together and get the package done.” Jen said that the President wants positive fundamental changes, which will change the lives of millions of families. She further said that the President Biden is trying to bring in the largest childcare programme, the largest climate change programme, paid family Heath coverage, paid family week,  and tax credits for the needy ones. “The President wants change and relief and these changes are long overdue” asserted confident Jen Psaki while defending Biden’s Presidency. 

Regarding Civil Rights and Voting Rights Jen said that the President is sad to see that the Republicans are not taking interest  in such important issues. 

In reply to question about the President not visiting the border to see the immigrants problems, Jen Psaki said that the President does not need a photo op to know the sufferings of the immigrants and that he is also well aware of the mess which the previous administration left  with regard to immigration problems. 

While replying to a question about the price hike in Gas/petrol prices, Jen said that there was limitation to what the President can do and that “we are talking to OPEC and Jake Sullivan also raised the issue during his visit to Saudi Arabia.”

While replying to a question about certain Polls suggesting that President Biden’s popularity is on decline, Jen Psaki said that  every American has gone through hard times due to Corona and that people are still facing stress but the President is working on the fundamental issues of the American people instead of just playing politics. 

Jen Psaki regretted the fact that 150 Billion dollars are evaded each year in taxes and that some of the top corporate companies are paying almost no taxes. 

Psaki also said that the government is working round the clock to bring back the stranded American Missionaries in Haiti. 

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