US withdrawal and fate of Afghans

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As the May 1 appeared, two voices echoed in the skies of Afghanistan having two different messages for Afghan Nation and the World. First, Abdullah Abdullah, head of Afghanistan’s National Reconciliation Council, said that the time is now for Afghanistan’s political leaders to stand united in the talks. He said that some of them are former warlords with fierce reputations, heavily armed militias, and deep-seated grudges. While referring to anarchy of the early 1990s, he said that vicious fighting between many of the same leaders killed thousands of Afghans in the capital and gave rise to the Taliban. According to him, the US and NATO withdrawal will present enormous challenges. Abdullah said he is unconvinced that the Taliban want peace. According to him, the National Reconciliation Council, has put out countless calls for the Taliban to put all their demands on the table. He said he has yet to see a commitment to peace from the insurgent group on which he can rely.

According to him, it is essential for both government and Taliban to forge peace in the Country by seizing this opportunity otherwise the situation would be disastrous. The second voice uttered by the Taliban’s Spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid, who said that US and NATO had failed to meet the May 1 deadline set as per the Doha Agreement to withdraw all their troops from Afghanistan, the violation of the agreement has opened the way for the group to take every counteraction it deems appropriate against them. On other hand, US officials have warned the Taliban against attacking departing US forces and informed that such actions will be dealt with all possible force.

In fact, the United States has lived up to its words so far, although it could not meet the May 1 deadline, but it is not its fault only. The circumstances had led to the current situation and mostly the extremist attitude of the Afghan conflicting parties created hurdles in meeting the timeline for US withdrawal and setting up a mutually agreed upon government in Kabul. Now, it became clear to all stakeholders that US will leave the country by September 9 this year. During these lines, we continuously underlined that United States has completed its agenda in Afghanistan if not so either then it is not ready to invest anymore in the country whatsoever the situation may be. In fact, America arrived in Afghanistan for its own interest and construction of war-torn country or up lifting of Afghan nation was not its manifesto. Apparently, America would not wait more to build consensus among the Afghan leaders but now it is time for Afghan leadership to gain maximum out of this opportunity and conceived peace for themselves and their people. Mr. Abdullah Abdullah has rightly cautioned the Afghan leaders to seize the opportunity, although he is late, he must have to whisper these phrases some time before. On other hand, Zabiullah Mujahid’s statement is seems to be a formal oration usually used by the adversaries in this situation, hopefully the Taliban would not go the reinitiate war with America. If the Taliban do so for any reason, America would not stay in Afghanistan due to it and mostly will remain limited to retaliatory air strikes against Taliban. However, both Afghan leaders and Taliban must feel sensitivity of the situation and sit together to reach a peaceful resolution to the problem.

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