US would have invaded Afghanistan even without bin Laden: IEA

KABUL (Agencies): The United States would invade Afghanistan even if al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden left the country, Maulavi Abdul Kabir, deputy prime minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) said.
“It was the zeal of our Amir-ul-Mominin that he didn’t leave something that would taunt us, which would be handing over a Muslim to infidels. But we should understand that even if that Muslim voluntarily left the country, US and NATO would certainly invade Afghanistan,” Abdul Kabir said addressing a gathering of local elders.
He said that the IEA has made great achievements in the past two years and the economy is improving and that the IEA wants good relations with the international community.
“We don’t want Afghanistan to be in confrontation with the world. Our policy is that Afghanistan remains peaceful, that we rebuild our country and strengthen our political system,” Abdul Kabir said.
“But we will never forego our Islamic and national values,” he added.
The official said that the IEA has official representatives in 16 countries. He said that some major countries will soon expand relations with Afghanistan and export enough oil and gas to significantly reduce prices.
Kabir also said that a certain country which builds aircrafts and tanks has also offered to train Afghan technicians.