USA: Biden spoiled, but there is no one to replace at all

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Victoria Nikiforova

“There is a feeling that the country is leaving from under our feet, and that it is controlled by a subject capable of running only a fast food kiosk,” former Trump employee Cliff Simps elegantly describes the attitude of the US people towards the head of state.
Just 53 percent of American voters polled by Politico said Joe Biden was unable to fulfill his duties. Forty-eight percent believe that he is in “insufficient mental shape” for this. Citizens who believe that the president is healthy, vigorous and “clearly expresses his thoughts” are left in an absolute minority.
Note that it is not the “enemies of the people” who criticize Biden – the Trumpists. The electoral preferences of the respondents were not taken into account. The president’s mental health is questioned today by most American voters, whether they support Democrats or Republicans.
A politician with half a century of experience, Joe Biden has always been famous for his eccentric statements. For example, what he said in 2007 after learning about Barack Obama ‘s nomination for the presidency: “Look, this is the first time we have such a mainstream African American candidate – intelligible, intelligent, clean and looks good…”
Eerie racism, in fact. Any other politician would be worth his career. But Biden was allowed to do everything. After becoming president, he began to pour “aships and achepyatkas” already on an industrial scale.
Biden’s dislike journalist Howie Carr, author of the Boston Herald, collects transcripts of the president’s speeches. They look like a stream of consciousness a la Gertrude Stein. For example, the head of state is trying to read his name and surname from a piece of paper : “And… um… Robert Reiter… Riter… Riter… ER-E-Y-T-E-Er… Raiter, Chicago Labor Federation, and guys, this is how we defeat the coronavirus when we work together… “
The fact that it is time for the President of the United States to resign has been repeatedly stated by the American military. By the way, they started doing this even before the disaster in Afghanistan. The ratings of the president also speak about this. Biden is the absolute record holder for the speed of their fall.
Only Trump’s rating sagged below, but almost all American media worked well against him. By contrast, Biden was cherished and cherished by the US media. However, even in the press, serving the Democratic Party in a disciplined manner, quite skeptical publications have appeared lately.
The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, has published, for example, extensive material on the “vulgar antics” of Americans against the current president. The point is that in almost every city in the United States, residents meet the head of state with posters “F *** Joe Biden!” The corresponding chant is chanted at sports competitions, in public places, at rallies of Trump Jr.
The Americans remembered how an NBC journalist interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown on the air. In the background, the audience shouted, “F *** Joe Biden!” “You can hear the fans,” the journalist was not at a loss. “They shout:“ Come on, Brandon! ”Since then,“ Come on, Brandon! ”Has become a censored version of obscene chanting. It is written on T-shirts, baseball caps and mugs.“ Come on, Brandon! ” sounds even in the US Congress.All this material the Washington Post paints, albeit critically, but in such detail, as if its owner himself already internally agrees with the disgruntled Americans.
It turns out that Biden became a “lame duck”, barely finding himself in his post. Epic failures in Afghanistan and in the fight against coronavirus, inflation, shortages. Constant failures on the foreign policy front – both the G20 meeting in Rome and the climate summit in Glasgow ended in nothing. A demonstrative disregard for presidential decrees – today they are being canceled and challenged by Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and many other states.
In addition, an incredible amount of incriminating evidence has accumulated on Biden. From time to time, it is dosed in the info field. And this is not some kind of routine travel accusations for the government account, but rather creepy things.
A year ago, it was the laptop of the president’s son. Everyone looked at the photographs of Hunter Biden surrounded by girls of easy behavior and read his confessions that he traded access to his dad’s body, receiving bribes from the Chinese and Ukrainians for this.
Now the diary of the president’s daughter is being offered to the public. Nobody denies its authenticity – as well as Hunter’s laptop. Quotes from this diary are widely discussed on social networks. Ashley Biden allegedly hints that her father had some kind of “inappropriate” relationship with her as a child. In particular, they took a shower together, and she clearly did not like all this.
Perhaps all this is just a stuffing of political opponents, an ordinary fake. However, the FBI for some reason took this very seriously and conducted searches in the offices of the conservative website Project Veritas, which introduced the public to Ashley Biden’s records. The US Attorney General is investigating the theft of her diary.
It looks like Biden’s career is hanging in the balance. If next year the Republicans get a majority in Congress – and this is a very likely option – then impeachment looks almost inevitable. Constant stuffing about mental disorders makes it possible to resign for health reasons. However, who can replace him in office?
By law, this should be a vice president, but Kamala Harris’s rating hovers around 28 percent – that’s nothing at all. The fact is that Biden appointed her to handle the migrant crisis on the southern border of the United States, and she never even showed up there. Illegal immigrants climb across the border unrestrictedly in marketable quantities. For Republicans, Harris is simply Satan’s embodiment. However, even its seemingly democratic CNN also scolds her with all her might.
If you remove Harris, then the next contender for the presidency is automatically Nancy Pelosi. Eighty-one-year-old veteran of the Democratic Party, politician with half a century of experience, speaker of the US Congress. All of Nancy Pelosi’s millions are invested in Silicon Valley stocks – most notably Eric Schmidt’s Alphabet.
Pushing for the adoption of the infrastructure law, Pelosi worked directly for the IT oligarchs – these multibillion-dollar government investments will go to the development of broadband Internet and artificial intelligence. That is, no one here even pretends that there is still some kind of politics in America, except for pumping budget money into the pockets of billionaires. Eric Schmidt’s content politician will look interesting as the American president. At least it will be clear who is responsible for what.
In the meantime, the openly weak, hopelessly compromised, eternally mumbling president is an excellent screen for the American political clans dividing the clearing and the oligarchs who support them.
The entire policy of the country has long turned into some kind of convulsive throwing from side to side, endless, dangerous and senseless provocations.
We either forget about Ukraine, then we pump it up with weapons and incite anti-Russian hysteria. Either we are fighting against Nord Stream 2, now we are merging, now we are again entering the struggle. Now we throw NATO allies, then we try to make peace with them. Now we quarrel with Macron, then we flirt with Macron.
Analysts are looking for a cunning background in all this, far-reaching plans. But the fact is that these are just waves on the carpet from the bulldogs fighting under it. The Barack Obama clan has its own interests – and its people in the White House. We remember very well how he literally took Biden by the handle to campaign rallies.
The Clinton clan retained tremendous influence in the office of the president. Jake Sullivan, Hillary’s best friend and confidant, has just arrived in Moscow for negotiations. And Hillary’s husband Bill personally dictated to his man in Biden’s entourage the speech that the US president was supposed to deliver on “Super Tuesday,” immediately after his dubious election victory. The owner of Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, also placed his people in key positions.
If these boyars want to demolish their king, they can do it in the blink of an eye. So far, however, it suits them. Most voters do not want to see Biden as president of the country. But who asked them?
“Not just angry because Biden – confessed to reporters Washington Post Cliff PSMM -. Rather angry at the state of the country, which he ruled He’s just an avatar -. Such as a symbol of America’s decline.”

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