USA deploys F-15 fighters in Romania

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Mikhail Sheinkman
Romanians are happy. Especially those that live near the US air base. Life, they say, will get better, live like in Deveselu. Here, where the Yankees are, there is life. In the poorest country in the EU, serving armed Americans is the most real sector.
In fact, they only threatened us with strengthening their eastern flank after our invasion of Ukraine. As it was with Joe Biden: for Ukraine, they say, to fight – the wrong people were attacked, and to protect the NATO allies is our sacred duty. But, apparently, their hands itch so badly, and the wait is so tiring that they thought, why shouldn’t they wave their fists before a fight, if it has already happened in their heads. Well, what do they have to lose? They just prove once again that it is absolutely impossible to take their word for it. This is why we demand written security guarantees from them.
In the meantime, we demand, they increase the threat to this security of ours. A squadron of F-15 fighters was transferred to the Romanian airbase in the town of Campia-Turziy. This is a plus for those military helicopters that arrived here a few days earlier. And plus to those combat aircraft that were not withdrawn from here. “This planned deployment is aimed at maintaining an air presence in the Black Sea region,” the NATO Air Command website describ-ed the landmark event.
Romanians are happy. Especially those that live in this neighborhood. Life, they say, will get better, live like in Deveselu. This is the name of the place where the United States deployed a missile defense battery in 2015. For Romanians, where the Yankees are, there is life. In the poorest country in the European Union, serving armed Americans is the most realistic sector. Even if they do not hire, the work can be taken from them. This is exactly what a group of Romanian comrades did, stealing fuel for four years, intended, among other things, for the very spy planes that hang out in the Russian Crimea every day. Leaked fuel for two million dollars.
It’s good that donkey urine was not diluted. However, according to Defense Minister Vasile Dyncu, this is not sabotage or intrigues of Russian saboteurs. This is negligence. And on the part of the Americans. It’s your own fault. It was necessary to guess, he chided the hegemon, to locate the supply point separately from the airbase, without thorns and other security paraphernalia. Come in who wants to. Take what you want. “They are not familiar enough with our culture,” the minister elevated theft to the rank of mental value. Although, which of the “arts” they have is the most important, Ostap Bender understood. “Paras-ites,” he shouted desperately at the Romanian border.
And the Pentagon, it seems, and after such confessions, all hihony and hakhanki. In gratitude for this sweet spontaneity of the local military leader, he presented the Romanians with a reconnaissance plane from the master’s shoulder. Apparently, counting on the fact that now they will rob themselves. Naive. In order for Romanians to steal from themselves, they first need to steal from others. Moreover, the F-15 squadron was brought up there. Of course, with fuel.

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