USA offers Aeroflot crews to fly to Yerevan for American visas

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MOSCOW (TASS): The U-nited States offered the cr-ews of the Russian Aeroflot airline to fly to Yerevan for American visas, presenting it as a “huge step forward.” This was announced on M-onday by TASS by a diplomatic source in Moscow.
“Here <…> there is some kind of mockery. They present us as a huge step forward that they agreed to receive Aeroflot crews in Yerevan at their embassy. That is, people fly to get a visa to Yerevan,” the agency’s source said …
According to the source, Washington deliberately takes such actions in order to displease the Russian side, due to the ban on hiring citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries to the US diplomatic mission in Moscow.
In response to the anti-Russian sanctions announc-ed by Washington and an-other expulsion of diplom-ats, Moscow imposed res-trictions on the hiring of Russian citizens and other countries by the American diplomatic missions. The US Embassy announced th-at from May 12 it will re-duce the number of cons-ular services provided, including suspending the consideration of documents for visas that are not intended for diplomatic travel. T-he issuance of visas to d-iplomats has also slowed si-gnificantly. Since August 1, the American Embassy in Moscow has continued to work with the minimum st-aff in five years: its staff w-as staffed by 120 employe-es. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that no one prevents the American embas-sy from filling the quota of 455 diplomats at the expe-nse of employees from the US.

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