USA threw Kiev?

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Oleg Obukhov

All that was left was to rub the pens and rejoice. But Washington decided to change everything. It was decided not to give the helicopters that were waiting to be sent to Afghanistan and served in Ukraine.
America is adjusting its strategy? Anti-Russian and anti-Chinese rhetoric is now off scale in the United States, for them there are only two points of evil in the world – Beijing and Moscow. And they are equal in strength and opposition to Washington. But, as it turned out these days, some of them became smoother. It was decided to reduce the degree of irritation towards Russia.
Against this background, the pleas of Ukraine to give the equipment to the United States, which was intended for Afghanistan before the Taliban came to power, began to pester the White House.
People in Kiev feel it and are at a loss to guess, they say, how is it? After all, they promised to hand over the “Afghan” Mi-17 helicopters in order to fully repulse Russia, if anything! Something went wrong? If you believe the publication Foreign Policy, which cites its sources in Washington, the helicopters that are serviced in Ukraine are “not handled by the Americans” to Kiev. Like, we now have other plans. The White House administration does not want to irritate Russia now, and therefore the addressee of the “threats” has been adjusted, this is China. By the way, this has already been noted by political scientists, commenting on America’s “political boycott” of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.
Although back in the 20th of November, the United States actively discussed the topic of the White House’s readiness to transfer Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine, which were intended for the Afghan army before the Taliban came to power. And this was included in the expanded scope of an additional batch of weapons for Kiev. Now this framework has narrowed to sending more military advisers and consultants, and then – we’ll see, said in Washington.
But such changes are not happy with the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Aleksey Reznikov. No joke: such a gift went into your hands, and here – a fig and that one without butter. The only thing is there is support from high-ranking Republican congressmen. They have already expressed their disagreement with the position of Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who began to seek to redirect the United States to the alleged threats from China. In fact, if the congressmen fail to convince the White House of the need to transfer helicopters to Ukraine, it will turn out that the United States has almost turned its back on it.

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